Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birding Disney

Well, the annual February conference is in Orlando this year so the kids are getting their first Disney experience. I didn't run into a ton of birds, (no Daffy Duck doesn't count), but the ones that are around are pretty tame. Like forget-head-and-shoulders-let's-try-ibis-iridology tame.
I'm not used to having plenty of light and am a little rusty in terms of rapidly adjusting camera settings to not blow out whites, etc...
The first cycle birds are easier subjects with less bright bright white.
The kids were pretty excited to see the birds just a few feet away.

Some of the Great Egrets are starting to get their breeding bare parts,

while others are in pretty full breeding plumage. If I had more time there's an attraction called Gatorland that apparently has a ton of long-legged waders, we'll see how time plays out...

This mockingbird was in the hedgerow next to the motel in nice evening light.
I totally should have had sweet Palm Warbler shots, but just way over-exposed them with the camera still on end-of-the-pier-overcast settings.

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