Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Closing the book on Tiscornia

With this morning's lakewatch both Tim and I ran out of reasonably expectable year birds at Tiscornia, Tim with the flyby Harlequin Duck and for me a distant Western Grebe.
The grebe swam past out beyond the breakers. I tried walking down the pier to get within a quarter mile of it but made too slow of progress on the ice-covered pier to cut it off.
The beards of icycles hanging off the slack cables made a nice effect, but not one that bodes well for the workers to recover their scaffolding, though perhaps the sheets of ice will hold itself up to some extent.
We'll see what the rest of the month brings, any year birds at Tiscornia now will be pretty good birds since Western Grebe was my most "likely" remaining bird there and it's on the review list.
Prior posts on Western vs Clark's grebe ID are here and here.


The Owl Ranch said...

But Matt..... just think of the Ross's Gull that could come flying by to keep going out there!

Matt said...

oh make no mistake, we're still going out there!