Saturday, December 19, 2020

peregrine vs eagle

Hopefully it hasn't been Peregrine vs Purple Sandpiper; I've never had Purple Sand on a CBC and there's been one (or more) around.  Unfortunately, possibly my first December Peregrine also showed up at Tiscornia yesterday and was actively hunting along the pier.  It forced a few RB Mergs under water, played merry hell with the gull flock, and made a long tail chase after some buffleheads, one of which was forced to bail into the water from about 3 feet up.  A scaup repeated the same Drop-Like-A-Rock evasive maneuver.  

I don't know if the Peregrine succeeded in capturing breakfast or lunch, but it wasn't playing favorites. If it flew, it was chased.  Even if it was a Bald Eagle.

It made a few passes at the eagle.

Eventually the Eagle pulled a barrel roll to offer its talons at the falcon as they continued to the horizon

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