Saturday, July 25, 2020

Up the canopy tower

During the late winter and early spring South America posts I covered the first half of our trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon, first at Shiripuno, a small lodge along a small river.  We then went to Sani, a lodge set back in the lagoons off a huge river.  Sani had a canopy tower, and it was there that we spent our first morning at Sani.

Walking around on the floor of the jungle is pretty dark and you know there's a huge amount of leaves and branches where birds can hide.  So it was pretty amazing to get up to them.  A Great Potoo was roosting in the tree as it turned out.

 It spent the entire morning there, though its eyes got shut more and more as the light rose.

Nothing like being eye-level with a couple Double-toothed Kites!

 We spied a pair of Pied Puffbirds (and enjoyed saying that 3 times fast) far out while scanning, but eventually they turned up in our tree as well.

As did a Rufous Attila.  It's Bright-rumped cousin is widely distributed in the tropics, but this was my first new Attila after Bright-rumped

Canopy birds and canopy birds.  We looked down on Spangled Cotingas
 and up at a Turquoise Tanager (one of my best spots of the trip)

This morning was one of the more memorable ones of the trip, and I'll have more photos from the tower as I get back in the groove of editing them.

One view of the forest floor view of the catwalk up to the platform...

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