Tuesday, October 29, 2019

last morning in Ecuador

Our last morning in Ecuador dawned overcast and misting.  The lighting made birding pretty hard but we did manage some nice looks.  After struggling to find a Yellow-tufted Woodpecker we did eventually see a group atop a snag, and then one right by the road.

Its much larger cousin Pale-billed Woodpecker provided some good looks as well.

A pair of Masked Tityras enjoyed the presence of the woodpeckers as they'd been provided a nest hole.

Our guide was very excited by this difficult to find Red-billed Tyrannulet

I was equally excited by a (considerably more common) Olive-chested Flycatcher. Their plumage reminds me of a fall Yellow-rumped Warbler which made a subtle ID much easier.

Yellow-tufted Dacnis is considerably easier to identify

 Finally a look at Magpie Tanager, another bird I expected to be common but we didn't find until the end of our final morning.

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