Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Wild Sumaco Tanagers

Wild Sumaco was by far my favorite place on the last Ecuador trip.  A month (I've been bad) ago I had a few posts about bird coming in to their buglights.  After leaving the buglights we walked the road seeing what we could see and then set up on an open hillside hoping for a mixed flock.  The mixed flock never really materialized but a Black-mandibled Toucan teed up for a bit.

Last year we had good looks at Glistening-green Tanager.  This year we saw the eastern slope cousin, the Orange-eared Tanager

Next up are a couple of roadside birds. The Speckled-class tanagers are birds very different from any we have, as finely streaked as many of our little brown sparrows, but blue and yellow and green instead.  First up is a Spotted Tanager

And this similar species is Yellow-bellied Tanager

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