Friday, August 2, 2019

Singing to the end

I hadn't checked on the Bell's in a while so I wandered by this morning.

It's still singing away.  It sounded a little quieter to me, not sure if that was real, or if it's starting to lose some of its interest.  The rate of songs sounded unchanged to me.

It's already molting as evidenced by the swallow-tail.  It's surprising to me that it's still singing and trying to attract a mate while its feathers prep for migration, but then again if anything will sing till the end it'd be a vireo.

And proof that the summer if flying by, we've moved right past clubtail season (July) and into the Darners...
My best guess is that this is Shadow Darner.  I tried to get a pic of the very tip of the abdomen to be for sure, but forgot whether you want a top or side view.  (I went for top but should have gone for side).  It flushed (and then was nearly eaten by one of the local kingbirds), oops.

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