Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ow-OW, Wow, KaPOW, WOW

or something like that.

Harpy Eagles weren't the only thing we saw at Rancho Frio in Darien National Park.  Red-throated Caracara was another memorable bird that was quite common here.
It's a fairly unique bird to look at; it's a crazy bird to hear.  If a parrot could get high on meth and then channeled its inner OutOfControlLittleLeagueDad, it might sound something like this...

 I never managed to video one squawking out of control, but they were something else once they got going.

Stripe-throated Wren was another vocal species.
Tropical wrens are just a bear to see, they're a lot more satisfying to learn by ear.

It'd be hard to learn this next bird by ear.
It's a Golden-crowned Spadebill.  They have fairly nondescript insect-like calls that go along with their tiny size.

We had a bonus Gray-cheeked Nunlet appear amidst a little mixed flock

Finally some Black Vultures above Canopy Camp ending a memorable day.

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Cathy Carroll said...

Over the top: vultures in the moonlight photo.