Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pescadores y amigos

We took motorized dug-out canoes to the birding location on the 4th day of the trip.  As the canoes could only accomodate 4 of us (plus a poleman for the front of the boat for when the river got too shallow for the outboard in the back).  Our guide was in the 2nd boat, I was in the back of the first.  The boat operator was pretty good at spotting birds.  He only spoke Spanish however.  I picked up some new words pretty quickly, words like...

Pescador, which translates to fisherman, applicable to both Ringed Kingfisher, as well as...

Amazon Kingfisher.

We saw at least 2 kingfishers scarfing fish down...

Carza turned out to be the name for long-legged waders of which there were plenty.

I didn't catch the name for Neotropic Cormorant.

I suspect Southern Lapwing would have fallen into the "Pajaro" (generic small bird) category.

This "Pajaro" was pretty good, only the motorman was seeing it initially and was indicating it was low down, the front of the boat then found the Pied Water-tyrant, the only one of the trip.

There was a Yellow-headed Caracara (Agula, I think the word for eagle, applicable to any raptor) above it.

Finally a fun "Carpentero," Crimson-crested Woodpecker.

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