Thursday, August 21, 2014

Who wants to go to Costa Rica?

I was a little late getting word about this winter's CR trip out so a lot of people already had made plans ... which means I have a couple spots left on an 8 person trip for Jan 25 - Feb 2. 

So the question you have to ask yourself, would you like to see a quetzal?
 How about half a dozen species of highland hummingbird?
Along with a bunch of other birds endemic to the Chiriquí highlands only found in Eastern Costa Rica or Western Panama?

Would you like to see a bunch of mid-elevation tanagers in and around Tapanti National Park?
There's a lot more than tanagers though, for starters about another 10 hummingbirds ...
... and any number of other fun birds.

Finally we'll visit famous Rancho Naturalista.  There's another 10 hummers here.
 And oropendolos. 
And likely Sunbittern and who knows how much more?
All this for a little over $1500, arranged through Costa Rica Gateway.  If you want to comparison shop, here's a very similar tour through Field Guides that's literally twice as expensive.  Each of my last 2 trips there (through CR Gateway) have tallied a little over 300 species with 20-30 species of hummingbird each time.  But don't wait too long, I don't have many spots left!

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