Sunday, August 14, 2011

back to the beach

Maybe I should title it "back to birding." I've had 2 major projects that are really eating up my free time, re-doing a deck and another more bird-related one that isn't yet producing results (give it a month). In the last few days though I started getting back to Tiscornia. Nothing really to write home about, but good to be out again.

This Willet was semi-cooperative.
It's a relatively worn adult.
It seemed like it had darker underwings than I remembered.
The juvie Semi Sandpipers are starting to appear in their crisp plumage, there should be Baird's in another week. You know it's good photo light when a 3-4 inch tall bird casts a shadow that leaves the frame.
You can somewhat get a sense of the semi-palmation of the lifted left foot here.
Like the Willet, the sanderlings are also worn adults well into body moult but not really starting in on the wings yet.
Continuing to flip-flop between adults and juvies, here's a composite of a young Cliff Swallow. It doesn't have much color in the throat or face at all, and the rump is white rather than tan.

Finally a Question Mark butterfly, common enough around my house, but I don't recall seeing one at Tiscornia before.

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