Friday, January 20, 2017


It'd be nice if I'd had a good excuse for not blogging, like maybe that I'd taken a fun and exciting trip to Panama to look for Harpy Eagles.  I haven't though.  (Yet.)  Rainy days and few birds have conspired to make it hard to take a bloggable photo locally.  The best so far this year was the 2nd bird of 2017, and the first that I saw.
I haven't taken many night pics of owls.  I think this one flew in to investigate the screech owl I was whistling.  Needless to say, no small owls responded here.

I guess in light of today being Inauguration Day a shot of a Murican Eagle from Tiscornia yesterday wouldn't be amiss.

Maybe more appropriate is one from the dump flying away.

And maybe even more appropriate would be a herd of geese.
The attractive looking sub-group in back is interesting, they were a size smaller than the larger group and had a lot less pallor in the breast.  A person could try to make them Cacklings but their bills were just as long and thin in shape as the other Canadas.  Parvipes Canada might be considered but that one rarely has a dark breast so I think they're likely runty Canadas just from a little different location than the rest.

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