Friday, April 18, 2008

Beauties and a beast

Took a walk down below the house again this morning. The wildflowers had progressed considerably since last time. Early spring is definitely the best time for them around here. The bloodroot have been out for a few days but today the Dutchman's Breetches were out in full force.

Spring beauty, the beginnings of springwort and cut-leaved toothwort, as well as a couple trout lilies and some really gorgeous hepatica rounded out most of the flowers. The hepatica varied from snow white to lavender to bluish.

As for the birds, they weren't as cooperative, ruby-crowned's had more or less replaced the golden-crowned kinglets and were singing profusely. A few hermit thrushes, sapsuckers, and increased numbers of yellow-rumped warblers were about, but none perched very well. Chipping sparrows were newly arrived. The only thing that did perch was this big-ol' turkey vulture which peered down at me from its roost before eventually spreading its wings, hesitating, then taking off.

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