Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sora shoot

Galien County Park has been getting a lot of attention this spring with Soras being far easier to see than they frequently are (with Virginia Rails sometimes coming into view and, for some people, bittern and moorhen as well).

I like the water drops running down the strand of drool on this one.

Here's a couple shots from a sunnier day.

This one was given the name Sara.  Personally I think Sara's a dude, but with Soras it can be hard to say...

I can't remember if Kip had Sedge Wrens at Galien, this one is at Sarett.

It would make sense for this Solitary Sandpiper to be in a marsh somewhere;I
 it's actually in a flooding in Warren Dunes.

Finally, a last bird on the swamp theme, a Swamp Sparrow (though actually at Tiscornia).

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