Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sedge Wren solo

I was walking at Chikaming a morning or so ago and had a Sedge Wren singing right next to the road.  I usually don't have a ton of luck with seeing singing Sedge Wrens, but I was able to track this one down fairly easily.

Some years Sedge Wren can be a very difficult bird in Berrien, it's been fairly wet this year, perhaps that's contributing to their presence in a few spots in the county.

The bird would frequently duck a couple times prior to repeating the song.  It was cooperative enough that I attempted to video the bird (apologies for the bane of recording sound in Berrien Co, I-94 traffic noise in the background).

Since a couple times this spring I've posted somewhat luke-warm photos and then had much better photo-ops of the species a few days later (like happened here), I ought to put up a pic of a Blue Grosbeak or Purple Gallinule and see if karma will continue.

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