Sunday, May 22, 2016

migration's end

For me at least.

This Canada Warbler was showing off along the trail at Floral yesterday, singing next to the trail

Mourning Warblers were singing trailside as well, however are a lot stingier with the views they allow...
 Of  course you can actually hear them, as opposed to their Connecticut relatives which went completely AWOL for me this spring.

There's a couple Wood Thrushes with nests next to the trail as well.

Summer Tanagers breed in Warren Dunes, this first spring male though is probably a migration straggler given that they don't usually set up territories along Floral.
 You can get a sense of a few greenish feathers still on the breast and belly.
 Even if the reddish wings weren't visible, the heavy longer bill would separate it from its Scarlet cousin; this female is from Kesling.

Lady's slippers are at their peak in Warren Dunes

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