Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The duck is out of the bag

Tim found a Black-bellied Whistling-duck on the evening of Good Friday.

Like I said the other day, digi-scoping's not dead.  I took very few pics of the bird on the ground with the SLR.  60x on the scope with 2-3x on the camera plus a crop factor = probably 150-200x magnification.  That's useful.

It was useful for documenting 2 intact hind-toes, though they were visible when the bird flew.  These obviously are crops with the SLR...

I've already written up the MBRC form since it wasn't clear if the bird would stick around for administrators to return to their offices after the Easter holiday to discuss access, so I'm not going to re-hash the various different ways no-signs-of-captivity in appearance, behavior, or timing can be written, or post a bunch more boring pics of the legs.  The winds the days before this bird was found were ideal for central western rarities (as prognosticated by several Ontario bloggers prospectively) to move in, and north winds on the day prior to discovery could certainly have helped halt it.

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