Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April snow brings ...

... interesting backgrounds?

I tried a few spots that I thought might be sheltered and have some water that could keep insects alive or pseudo-active this morning.  I found basically no insectivores whatsoever, not even the phoebes or kinglets that are certainly back, much less any concentrations that could harbor a rarity.  Hermit Thrushes and Fox Sparrows, though, were concentrated around the sunny edges where the snow was melting.

This thrush has apparently as much use for a napkin as my 6 year-old does.

Maybe not surprisingly a robin was the best portrait, possibly the first picture of a standing one I've taken with an SLR.

I had one Brown Thrasher working some snowy leaves, but it was too distant for the pics to be worthwhile.  The Swamp Sparrow turned out ok though.

Finally the Rocky Weed WFGO flock, I suspect they're the same flock as a week or so ago since the numbers are the same.  A few years ago a pair spent most of April at 3 Oaks, apparently they'll stop over in at least small numbers.

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