Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shades of rust

There's a lot of brown birds around in various shades.  Here's a White-fronted Goose from a week or so ago.  It was my 200th (or maybe 201st) bird for Royalton Twp.  I keep forgetting it's not March; it still felt like I should be looking for Ross's and cacklers up until a couple days ago.

There's a lot of common birds I admittedly don't look that close at.  This Horned Lark was sitting along the curb at Tiscornia, I'd forgotten how much warm rustiness they have in the spring.

It has fresh primaries and fresh outer tail feathers.  The secondaries and tertials are well worn though.

Similarly, I stopped for a coyote in the south county as it was close.

I immediately heard a cacophony of blackbird sounds from the woodlot next to some corn stubble.  A large proportion of them are Rusties.

A few teed up along Avery Rd on the Smith's Longspur day.  I didn't get a shot of a female though there was a similarly sized flock there too.

And last, a Louisiana Waterthrush we had at Warren Woods sometime last week too.

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