Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the end

We spent the last morning birding the grounds of our hotel minutes away from the airport.  Most of our flights didn't leave until noon so we had about 3 hours.  Not surprisingly, I spent most of it working and re-working the limited grounds.

 Not long after dawn I heard a Plain Wren and played its song once on the ipod.  It came in fairly close, the first time I managed a good look at the species over the 2 trips.

Mostly though, it was the common birds that were about, a Red-billed Pigeon in nice light,

Rufous-naped wrens preening each other.

Rufous-tailed Hummingbird...
Gray Saltator...

Clay-colored Thrush...

Lesser Vulture-flycatcher (ok Boat-billed)

A couple of Cinnamon Hummingbirds surprised me.  The only reason I took a picture of the first one (which I expected to be Rufous-tailed) was that I had had trouble separating Rufous-tailed from Snowy-bellied and Steely-vented at various points and figured I'd build up my reference photos.

We were about 20-30 miles west of Hotel Bougainvillea though, clearly enough for at least some changes in the birds.

The total from the trip was a little over 300 birds in all.  That included about 20 birds of prey, an additional 7 owls (all seen), 26 hummingbirds, 6 trogons (with a 7th heard), 36 flycatchers, 4 manakins, and 15 tanagers.  About 60 birds were lifers including 10 hummingbirds.  I had been to the highlands before (where only a couple birds were lifers).  The majority of the rest of the trip was in the Pacific lowlands.  My next (year's???) trip will focus on the mid-elevations.

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