Thursday, March 13, 2014

Orange-collared Manakin at last

It took some work, but on our way back to the bus retracing our path on the River Trail Vernon pulled out two male Orange-collared Manakins.

Apparently this was an area where earlier in the month they had been lekking.  We didn't see any display activity.

A blue morpho butterfly landed in front of us.  It reminds me of one of our emperor butterflies with the wings folded.  Vernon was getting away from us so I didn't wait for it to open its wings.

We did come across a medium sized feeding flock near the entrance of the park.  There were several Black-hooded Antshrikes.
 A Chestnut-backed Antbird again teased me, it would almost come out for a nice portrait but moved just enough that it was very difficult to get a clear view.
We spent some time craning our necks up into the treetops where honeycreepers, warblers, and an injured Cocoa Woodcreeper were feeding.  A Green Shrike-vireo was probably the best bird of this group.  It sang a titmouse like song but never gave up its location.  The flock soon dispersed and we went for our lunch too.

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