Monday, March 10, 2014

Extreme facemelt

One of the California blogs I read, Birds Bastards and Bourbon, has a term for a ridiculous view of a great bird:  Facemelt.

On our way to Carara Vernon had the bus pull over at an ocean overlook near Jaco.  His words were simple, "Everyone off the bus.  Bring your cameras."

The reason quickly became obvious:  Scarlet Macaws.  In evening light.  That were quite used to people.

They were very social birds, generally staying in pairs which sometimes coalesced into small groups.  I don't know the term for name for this behavior in parrots.  They weren't fighting though.

Birds would come and go, again generally staying in pairs.

I don't remember what kind of tree these were.  I called them mangroves but I don't think that's right.

My favorite pic of the trip:

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Cathy Carroll said...

I like the flight photos, Matt. Also, the trees are almond trees. You have a couple of images where you can see the oval almond fruit.