Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Savegre River trail

In the evening of our full highland day we walked the River Trail downstream of the cabins.  The evening before most of us walked just along the river at last light finding a couple Black Guan which came all the way down to the river to drink.

Last year we got off the bus and saw a Torrent Tyrannulet, this year we had to walk all of about 400 yards.

The trail itself was fairly active in the evening light.  The highlight was a Collared Trogon that started out fairly distant but worked its way closer.  I'm not sure I've seen ever seen the dorsal side of a trogon's tail

Last year this was the spot where we had Chestnut-capped Brush-finch.  This year the pair was behind the cabins

The un-aptly named Yellow-winged Vireo was easier to find this year among the cabins' landscaping

Finally an Acorn Woodpecker, one of the most common birds in the highlands on the feeder after the sun had gone behind the ridge which really allowed the glossy blue Melanerpes tones to come out.

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