Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Highlands Owling

Vernon led us on a very successful night of owling in the highlands as well.  Last year we found Costa Rican Pygmy-owl on the Los Robles trail, we dipped on it there this year.  Vernon, however, had a back-up spot that we went to at dusk.  The owl came in almost immediately, much closer than we saw them last year.

 It's entire breast would puff in and out with each toot, I took a video as well.

We waited for dusk to fall and Vernon went to the Bare-shanked Screech-owl spot, I'm pretty sure we were no more than a hundred yards from where we had it last year.

The Dusky Nightjar was much more cooperative this year, I think Vernon spotted it with his flashlight; it was silent this year

We mostly jokingly called for an encore.  Vernon thought for a minute, and then stopped the bus after a few miles and after a few minutes signaled us to come out of the bus ... Mottled Owl, a lifer

Four nightbirds seen, all were impressed.

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