Friday, February 21, 2014

Savegre Hummingbirds

In case you haven't noticed, I like to take pictures of hummingbirds.  The Savegre lodge had 2 clusters of feeders which attracted a continuous stream of hummers (as well as birders and photographers often watching the well-conditioned birds from only a few feet away).  I think a lot of people got good pics with smart phones.  White-throated Mountain-gem is common but not as abundant as the others.
 It used to be called (and is still in some of the books)  Gray-tailed Mountain-gem

I tried to mostly stay away from the feeders though, going for more natural backgrounds (and flight shots).  Green Violet-ears were abundant.

Any bush with flowers to attract hummingbirds would usually have a Slaty Flowerpiercer or two as well.  The females would defend some of their favored bushes from males.  Only the males are slaty.
I think this Stripe-tailed Hummingbird is nectaring from holes that the flowerpiercer left.

The other common hummer at Savegre (aside from Magnificent) was Scintillant Hummingbird

This tiny Selasphorus's rufous tail helps separate it from the somewhat less common Volcano Hummingbird


Jeff Schultz said...

Nice, as always! I am heading back to Panama for two weeks in June and then off for a week in NW Ecuador for a week in August. Then maybe back to another part of Panama in September. I am so hooked on the topics...Hope to get some photos. I usually get lost in the birding and don't take many. again, great shots of some great birds

Cory J. Gregory said...

I think you're right with the Stripe-tailed Hummer; we also had one at Savegre (down the road, nearer the river). I never saw a Volcano Hummingbird actually at their feeders; did you?

Matt said...

We may have had a female type Volcano come in to the feeders once but they certainly weren't common