Monday, May 6, 2013

the Annual Chase

though I can't remember if I went after anything last year outside the county.

A Eurasian Wigeon turned up a little outside of Ann Arbor, a bird that I went to Pt Mouillee about annually when I lived in Ann Arbor.  I never found one, a fortuitous day off and cleared out schedule allowed me to chase this bird with Tim.
It was hanging out with a few Americans.
It was about 200 yards out and I probably would have been better off digi-scoping; these pics are cropped a lot more than would be ideal.  It was also fun seeing some birders from Washtenaw I haven't run into in a while, highlighted by one 92 y.o. Tex Wells.

While Tim and I were driving back Mike Mahler found an Eared Grebe at 3 Oaks.  The pic is equally way too cropped in difficult light.  I may be forgetting one, but I think I've only had this twice before in the county.

I walked Floral with Mike and Rhoda trying to re-find a Kentucky (they'd already had one), but it wasn't to be, a White-eyed Vireo was a consolation tally.

Continuing the trend of the more common the bird the better the pic, finally a White-throat that perched up at my feet.

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