Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mr. Kentucky needs some friends

I'd heard the Kentucky last week, but it took a couple trips to Floral to finally see the little guy, despite foliage that's way behind where it is some years.

The bright morning sun really blew out the foreground with the bird in the shade, though the side-light definitely made it better to shoot with the bird in the shade.

Aside from the Kentucky, I've found warblers to be few and far between on the mornings I've been out, Black-and-White is probably the migrant I've encountered the most.

This Black-throated Blue Warbler was seen by about a third of the people who were on the Costa Rica trip, who showed up by happenstance.

Finally an Ovenbird that may or may not set up a territory along the strip of trail at Floral he's been hanging out in.

Red-headed Woodpecker this afternoon made 200 for the year in Berrien, hopefully tomorrow will bring a nice push of birds.

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