Friday, April 26, 2013

the easier Baird's bird

There've been a couple Sanderlings hanging around Tiscornia of late.  Today a 2nd shorebird joined one of the Sanderlings, a very similarly sized, somewhat slimmer bird with more narrow wings, as they flew in off the lake.  They circled a few times, it kind of seemed like the Sanderling was harassing the peep in the air somewhat, but they landed and tolerated each other well enough along the shoreline.  I walked down to take pics of the Baird's Sandpiper.

I don't think adult Baird's Sandpiper occurs at a different rate from adult Baird's Sandpiper in fall, but the juvenile Baird's are a lot more prone to either coming farther east or else stopping a lot more since as a species they're certainly easier in the fall.  The adults are less scaled than the juveniles, but they're still a buffier bird than the other peeps.  The scapulars extend past the tail which helps rule out the more common Semi-palmated.

The bird's slightly in front of the Sanderling, but you can tell they're similarly sized.  The size is the other thing that makes it a lot easier to eliminate Semi-palmated.

I've made a couple circuits of Floral in the last few days.  Ruby-crowned's are always fun when they show their ruby.
I feel like gnatcatchers have been a little more common than some years (though maybe it's just that a lot of stuff is delayed).
Finally a Broad-winged from earlier today.  I have some thoughts about hawk migration in Berrien and occurrence of some of the Western birds that I'm going to hold for another post.

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