Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pacific water treatment ponds

While the Pacific Ocean is anything but pacific, the Three Oaks Sewage ponds are generally pretty calm.  Tim found a Pacific Loon there a few days ago.  I ran down before a family obligation, spent about 10 minutes and dashed, fairly reminiscent of the White-faced Ibis of a few years ago.

The bird holds its straight bill level (Red-throats generally keep their thinner upturned bill upturned)

Pacifics have a contrastingly pale gray back of the head, a feature that can stand out at a long distance.

Not so much with the jaw stripe, you have to be fairly close to see it.

I think this is the first photographed Pacific in Berrien, though I could be mistaken about this.

The previously alluded to computer problems turned out to be a crashed motherboard, I'm experimenting here with a new computer, a new operating system, and new photo editors, I'm guessing it'll take some time to get them dialed in.

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