Saturday, August 1, 2009

Improved Fish Crow recording

Well I've been spending an inordinate amount of my bird-related computer time on trying to figure out exactly what I'm capable of in terms of sound files and presenting them here. Technical difficulties with the way I would like them to work have abounded; some are presently insurmountable.

At any rate I returned to the Forest Lawn Landfill area on a weekend morning today without heavy equipment and did manage to record at least one of the fish crows much better than I have previously. I think there' s another one in the background. There were a number crows flying around over the dump at the time, most of what I heard were American's.

At any rate, here's the sonogram of the best section of the recording with both single and double-noted calls (an Eastern Kingbird or two fires as well and then another answers more distantly).

Here is the recording in (hopefully) clickable form, both .aif and .wav files, I'd appreciate feedback on which, if either, people are able to open:
Fish Crow (.aif file)
Fish Crow (.wav file)

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