Sunday, August 9, 2009

Western sandpipers ... in the West

As I mentioned yesterday, I probably shot 200 images of Western Sandpipers yesterday. I always worry about learning species (i.e. western sand and Ross's goose) strictly in areas where they're semi rare. Whenever I'm staring at a Ross's goose's bill base I always wish I could head off to the Salton Sea to see a thousand of them so I figured I should jump at this opportunity.

SO, for your viewing pleasure, various pics of western sand selected by a random process (the ones that have the best profile of the bill). I believe all are adults, as you can see they vary between just starting to moult into winter plumage to being well on their way. All at this point though, retain at least a few colorful scaps and all have at least a few markings on their flanks.

Somehow I doubt I'm going to get this quality of photo when one shows up at 3 Oaks...

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