Saturday, July 11, 2009

A few more butterflies

I've been trying to work on getting some recordings uploaded on the blog but I'm still having technical difficulties, so I'll stall for a day or so with a few shots from when I returned to Sarett some days ago.

The Baltimore checkerspots were actually pretty common, their orange eyes and legs gave them almost a creepy-crawly hornet sort of look, impressive, but I'm not sure I like them so much anymore.
Here I finally caught one in more traditional butterfly pose, they seemed to like to bask in the sun with their wings fully extended aimed exactly perpendicular to the sun as in the first pic.

For the umpteenth time a tailed blue had me thinking I'd found a hairstreak, but no.

Finally a vastly improved shot of a eyed brown [2010 edit: as Cory Gregory points out, this is actually an Appalachian Brown as I look at Kaufman a little closer]. I did actually see a Mitchell's satyr at rest this time but it paused for about half a second only and kept on going.

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Cory J. Gregory said...

Hey... any chance that the Eyed Brown pic is actually an Appalachian? I thought I was looking at all Eyed's there too but realized after-the-fact that at least one was Appalachain! Cool pics, btw.