Saturday, May 9, 2009

return of the April Fool

I finally finished a dense stretch of shifts tonight; most of my birding has been from my porch the last few days. The screech owl that I first spotted on Apirl 1st has periodically poked its head out of its box. This was the first time it's stayed in sight when I've left the house. It didn't stay out long.
I haven't heard much in the way of vocalizations. My experience with Cooper's hawks is that when the male has food it usually calls to the female who takes the food to the nestlings. If there is a pair, perhaps screech owls don't do that. I havn't heard any noise from babies either despite sleeping with the windows open a fair amount lately. Hopefully it won't pull the disappearing act the day before Bird-a-thon that a Carolina wren on a nest did 2 years ago.

Rose-breasted grosbeaks, as usual, have become very common in the first week of May, and definitely appreciate my expanded feeders. Here's pics of a first spring male and a female whom I'm not sure is ageable without a lot more detailed study of my Pyle guide than is really warranted...

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