Monday, May 11, 2009

Gray-cheeked thrushes are trash birds

OK not really, but still. For the 2nd straight day a gray-cheeked perched up nicely for me. This one stopped on a log at Floral, allowed me to show it to 2 other people in the Leica and then I proceeded to fire about 10 frames before it finally moved along.
I didn't get to Floral until just past 11:30 since I spent the early part of the morning unsuccessfully trying to locate a mockingbird my wife saw a couple days ago and then had a mid-morning appointment. As it was, there were spots at Floral that were still hopping despite the late hour. I ended up totaling 24 warblers (it would have been 25 if I'd thought it worthwhile to walk up the dunes for prairie), high-lighted by good numbers of black-throated blue, an orange crowned, a couple Canadas and 2 Kentuckies. It felt really early for Canadas. At one point I had a great look at a perched up Canada that was promptly displaced by a golden-winged.

This black-throated green perched about as cooperatively as a warbler will when it paused to sing 2 songs instead of just one. I still barely kept the tail in the frame.

Here's more typical examples of the fruits that attempting to digi-scope warblers will bring:

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Cathy Carroll said...

I am enjoying your blog, Matt. Looking at your Gray-cheeked photo makes me wonder if I didn't miss ID one of mine on May count. Oh, well. Amazing to be able to digiscope warblers. The singing Black-throated Green is sweet.