Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May flowers ... and yard bird #100

I haven't had a chance to get out much as I've had shift after shift the last few days, but a dark little shape that drew my attention in the brush behind the feeders turned out to be yard bird #100, a Lincoln's sparrow. When I pointed it out to Ginger she said she thought she'd seen it around the last few days. Grrrrrrrrr. This isn't the exact bird, a file photo from Yellowstone NP I think from 2004.
One afternoon a few days ago the sun came out after ongoing rain putting some of the flowers in nice light, here's jack-in-the-pulpit from below the house.

Also prairie trillium, right up there with Dutchman's breeches in the running for my favorite spring wildflower also from the backyard steps.
This is Squirrel-corn, the later blooming relative of Dutchman's breeches from Warren Dunes...

And finally a somewhat understated (and variably colored) flower, blue cohash.

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