Tuesday, April 7, 2009

more on my HOGR

My grebe is still hanging out on the same little pond that it's been on the last few days about a mile from my house. I assume that's because of the ongoing cold and strong NW flow of the winds (though YR warblers passed through the backyard today that I hadn't seen previously this year). I wondered briefly if maybe they stop over somewhere along their migration to complete moult, but given that the plumage of the bird looks pretty identical over the last 4 days that seems unlikely (though I've not seen the bird's flight feathers).
I spent most of my time out this afternoon glassing fields for longspurs but didn't even come up with Laplands much less a Smith's...

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Cathy Carroll said...

Keep looking for Smith's, Matt. They are a better possibility on your side of the state than mine. I found my one and only Smith's ever at Tawas Point State Park on April 5th, 2005. We are in that window.