Thursday, March 26, 2009


It's the time of year where practically every bird singing is either a high-pitched note (waxwing, kinglet, creeper, titmouse), or a monotonal trill (junco, chipping sparrow, yellow-rumped and pine warbler coming soon, etc). The seeeeeee-seeeeeeeeee of waxwings quickly drew my ear while we were letting the kids run about in the yard.

A flock of waxwings were foraging in a tree over the driveway with a few scattered berries left. The end of the bill is very slightly hooked:

I managed to capture this one in mid-swallow with the berry distending its crop as it reaches for yet another berry...

While holding a berry, the function of the bill's mild hook to help grip the berries becomes clear.
I've got 2 more night shifts to finish a less-than-fun stretch of 9 shifts in 11 days, hopefully I'll be able to get out farther than my driveway or porch in a few days...

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