Friday, March 6, 2009

A few Arizona leps

Well, now that I'm home in (mercifully) sunny Michigan I had a chance to look up a few of the butterflies I ran across in Arizona. I forgot my Kaufman guide so wasn't really sure what they were.

The first is a Texan Crescent, this one landed directly in front of the blue mockingbird thicket. Per they book they appear to be pretty common from about west Texas, across New Mexico and into Arizona. It ranges into the southeast less commonly.

Next up is an (appropriately named) Funereal Duskywing, the first duskywing of any sort I've encountered.

Finally is a hairstreak. I had high hopes for this one given that there's tons of hairstreaks and I was in habitat and location that's about the opposite of SE Michigan. Unfortunately it's one of the chipping sparrows of the butterfly world, a common species that essentailly encompasses the entire continental United States in its range...

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Jerry Jourdan said...


Congratulations on your Bigby Record for 2008. I saw your feature profile on the Surfbirds 2008 Listers report! Way to Go!