Tuesday, May 23, 2017

the Buzzing Caramel Warbler

I mean they make popping chocolate.  Why not buzzing caramels?  They eat caterpillars, not worms, anyway.

Check out the head stripes.  Kinda reminiscent of a Three-striped Warbler...

It was pretty dark.

Warblers haven't been super easy this spring, but most days there's been at least one reasonable image.

This might be the first spring Bay-breast that I've ever posted.

 I had good luck with Clay-colored Sparrow this spring, chasing one and then finding 2 more.  I think this is my favorite image from this spring.

Finally another bird I've done fairly well with this spring, Gray-cheeked Thrush.  In late April we eBirded the most northerly one in the country to that point.  This one feels like it's starting to get a little late.

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