Sunday, May 14, 2017

Harris's Sparrow

Mary Jo found a Harris's a few days ago at one of the more random locations I can imagine (she said she found this location looking for a place to pull over when her dog was having a bathroom emergency at some point remotely!).  It was still there yesterday.

 Some of us has talked earlier in the spring about how to pull a partially seen Harris's Sparrow out of  a flock of White-crowned's.  I know I've noticed a difference in the wingbars in the past; judging from what I can see here Harris's looks to have much less prominent wingbars.  The tail looks a lot longer to me in these pics too.

I think all teams yesterday were hurting for warblers given that 80% of them were still Yellow-rumps.  Here was an exception.

We heard BT blue a couple times but the pic is from earlier in the week.

Continuing the April theme, a nice pic of Ruby-crowned from the same day.

And finally a May bird, a Black-billed Cuckoo thanks to an expeditious post from another birder...

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