Friday, April 14, 2017

the bird at the end of the White Stone Road

otherwise known as Lajas Blancas.  The road that is.  The bird was Great.  But we'll get to it a few pics down.  We alternated walking and idling down the road in the half-truck and stopped when Domi spotted a Red-breasted Blackbird, a bird I've seen a few times but always at a distance.  The full adult male has black where this one is streaked.

We had decent luck with swifts that morning with Lesser Swallow-tailed and these Short-tailed Swifts being unique for the trip

We were watching the swifts when Cathy spotted another new bird for the trip, a Cattle-tyrant.
 It's a flycatcher that acted like a robin, was shaped like a thrasher, and colored like a Western Kingbird.

 About an hour later Domi heard the other candidate for bird of the morning (with Red-billed Scythebill the other candidate), another one he'd been trolling for at intervals.  It came right in to his tape this time, a Great Jacamar.

We enjoyed walkaway views of a bird I'd really hoped to see last year.   We eventually headed back to camp, but not before Domi stopped the truck for a White-whiskered Puffbird we drove practically on top of.
We saw this bird at dusk last year and a few of us saw it on the trails at Canopy Camp, but this bird at point-blank range made it unanimous for the group.

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