Friday, April 21, 2017

a Cattle, errr, College Egret

One of Tim's friends texted him a pic of an odd bird they'd seen at LMC.  It was a Cattle Egret.  The bird was still there when I went over in the last evening light.  At first the bird was distant, feeding on the berm across the pond, but after about 20 minutes the bird took flight, flew directly overhead, and then disappeared over the college.  A quick walk around the building brought the bird back into view.  It was oblivious to the car.

It stalked about hunting for small prey items in the lawn.  With the combo of mowers to keep the grass down and Canada Geese to boost the, uhhhh, organic nature of the greenery it seemed to have pretty fair success.

At least once it appeared to have caught a slug.

The bird just kept working closer and who could complain about a fully plumed out bird.

My spreadsheet shows this is the 4th year I've had Cattle Egret in the county.  Most years a person can find at least one uncommon long-legged wader.  Here's hoping that bittern (or Little Blue!) are soon to come...

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