Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Uncommon Antbirds

After a break for drinks, snacks, and a chance to buy palm mask crafts from the local people (my kids loved theirs) we took a 2nd trail and despite the midday heat we saw a surprising number of birds.  There were a few small mixed flocks but the first bird to tee up well was a Black-tailed Trogon.

Domi picked up on Bare-crowned Antbirds calling in the thick brush beneath the trogon.  I think this species has been possible on every trip I've ever taken to Costa Rica or Panama, but a quick look at the female was the first I'd ever seen the species.  Domi taped in the male.

This honestly was one of the birds of the trip for me (not least because he's bald...).  Eventually I'll get some video up.

 The walk's goal was to get to a little lagoon where more kingfishers would be possible.  This was my closest ever view of Rufescent Tiger-heron and I probably should have spent more time with it.

Studying every little branch and twig projecting over the water turned up these Lesser Kiskadees

Eventually we were rewarded with walkaway looks of Pygmy Kingfisher.

Another antbird started calling and I recognized it as being different.  Domi knew it was a Great Antshrike.
For one of the largest antbirds this bird was very hard to see, singing sequestered deeply in a thicket with very few windows to offer views.  I understand now why Steven on our very first trip to Costa Rica announced a singing bird and made absolutely zero effort to find it.

Finally an 88 Butterfly, we saw this one a couple times...

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