Friday, March 24, 2017

Double Jacamar day

We spent the morning in (the?) Embera Vigia region where we had opportunity for some special birds.  One of the main targets was Dusky-backed Jacamar, a bird found pretty much only in Eastern Panama.  There's a few in Colombia, but a lot easier to get to here (it only required a ride in a dugout canoe).

Domi knew where there was a nesting pair though.

A female Blue Cotinga appeared in the next tree.

Not much farther down the trail Domi located a Gray-cheeked Nunlet, a similarly range-restricted bird.
It played hide-and-seek for a few minutes before tee-ing up in a location we could all get good looks.

We walked on, finding a pair of Crimson-crested Woodpeckers.

As we got into some deeper forest Royal Flycatcher appeared.

We found our 2nd jacamar of the day, the much more widespread Rufous-tailed

A nemesis of mine fell.  White-bellied Antbird was seen on last year's trip a couple of times by at least some participants.  They were commonly heard calling through this trip and I'd glimpsed one in pre-dawn gloom on the 2nd day of the trip.  This was my first daytime look.
 It was still hard to see through the leaves.
And speaking of leaves, this female Black Antshrike was completely blocked by a leaf.

Finally our best look at one of a few Orange-crowned Orioles we had.  

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