Sunday, May 11, 2014

the Blue Warbler

I had hoped to make that Blue Warblers plural, but Cerulean hasn't cooperated.  We had a close Black-throated Blue at Lincoln Twp Beach a few days ago.  It was nice to have a bird not glued to the canopy the way most of them are, even if the canopy is just sticks this year.

It was partial to working a little area sheltered by the dune.  If I tucked in behind a large tree it would come quite close.

Here you can see the bug it's going for in the air.

Once it dropped low enough below eye level to really expose the back.  Minus one stick it would have been a really good pic.

BT Blues have been more common this year, probably because of the East winds last week.  They migrate almost entirely east of the Appalachians to the latitude of Pennsylvania or so and then fan out NE, N, and NW to their breeding range that seems centered on Ontario. 

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