Friday, August 2, 2013

Willet Week

Willets aren't quite common enough long enough to get their own season (i.e. Merganser, or Ambiguous Grebe) but they're pretty regular along the beach presently.

This adult was on Klock this morning.
It wasn't super-excited about an approaching poodle and flushed right in front of me. I went back to the beach front with the kids in the afternoon, there was a distant Black-bellied Plover instead.  Like Hudsonian Godwit, they're most impressive with underwings flashing.

There was a group of about nine earlier this week at Tiscornia.
It was fairly evenly mixed between the ragged adults and the cleaner juveniles
Juvenile shorebirds can be quite confiding, one of them walked toward me feeding unconcernedly before returning to the group.

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