Monday, August 5, 2013

Odds and Odes

With the breeding season winding down but migration not going in earnest yet I've been carrying a net when I've been inland.  Tim and I waded out into Brown recently.  It was rank sulfuracous muck that I sat down in once.  I think this Marsh Wren was rooting for the tar pit.

We caught a few odes, Common Green Darner, Slender Spreadwing, and White-faced Meadowhawk.  The Meadowhawk was a lifer for me, though it's the best represented meadowhawk in the specimen record for Berrien Co.  He got released.

Also released was this Wandering Glider I snagged at Sarett Prairie.  Last year I made about 4 trips and spent a decent amount of time at the Harbor Shores puddle where there were a lot of gliders before I finally snagged one.  This is the first one I've seen this year and was caught on the first swing.
The kids were excited to hold this one, much larger than the meadowhawk.  Check out the broad trailing edge of the rearwing allowing it its namesake flight.  Hazel netted a Tawny-edged Skipper butterfly as well that we released after identifying.

Finally a mockingbird that popped up by the airport that Tim had mentioned has been around.  I didn't notice until I edited the images into a montage this evening that it was carrying food.  Perhaps breeding season isn't quite done after all.

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