Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mulligan morning

Our final morning dawned with light rain.  We spent the couple hours before breakfast working to pick up various birds that had been missed by various people.  We started at the tanager tree that Mike had found the day before.  The flashlights helped again as Emerald Tanager re-appeared.

This bird was called out as a Bay-headed Tanager.  The book says that even immatures will be decently blue underneath though; I'm not totally convinced this bird isn't a Rufous-winged.

A Black-faced Solitaire was a surprise.  It's generally more of a high elevation bird and one that we heard many times in Savegre but struggled to obtain the single obstructed view we had of it in the highlands.  Here it was in the open and a lot lower.

We then walked back down to the valley overlook where (remarkably) Bellbird and Lovely Cotinga were again (very briefly and distantly) visible.  The cecropias again were the main perches, here's Baltimore Oriole, Lineated Woodpecker, and Pale-vented Pigeon (not a montage).

A Crimson-collared Tanager perched at a quarter of the distance of our view at La Selva.  I'd like to quarter that again though.

I was proud of myself for recognizing the song of Slaty Spinetail from the day before (granted it was in basically the same brush pile but still).  It was a skulker that would make Ammodramids ashamed and virtually impossible to get an unobstructed view of.

With that the rain started up again.  A Bananaquit popped up quite close to the trail, a species I was hoping to get a good shot of. 

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