Saturday, March 16, 2013

Flashlight birding

We started at Arenal birding with flashlights next to some of the street lights along the driveway.  Apparently some of the undergrowth birds will come out after the first bugs of the day attracted to the street lights.  It had me thinking of a spot where this would work in Berrien, I'll have to think some more.  My life Yellow-throated Warbler was a bird foraging pre-dawn on a streetlight outside a motel in Belize, so clearly this is something they do in the tropics at least.

This is Golden-crowned Warbler.
Also Olive (Carmiol's) Tanager,
and a Buff-rumped Warbler.  It was in full song at times and seemed more analogous to a waterthrush than the redstart that it has a more superficial resemblance to.

With time the sun rose (behind the clouds) and we spent a decent amount of time before breakfast looking over the valley.  Cecropia trees provide very popular perches for tropical birds and indeed at the bottom of the valley and on the other side of the valley were scope views of Lovely Cotinga and Three-wattled Bellbird.  They were really far away. 

This Long-tailed Tyrant and Black-cheeked Woodpecker were on a much closer cecropia tree.

White-crowned Parrot appeared at a nest hole behind the area we were standing.

as did a Tropical Parula

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