Wednesday, February 13, 2013

VATH redux

I could hardly let as sharp a bird as the Whirlpool Varied Thrush escape unphotographed.  VATH may be the first bird I ever photographed; I spotted one underneath our feeder when I was a kid in Midland Co and my dad let both my brother and I take a shot of it with his camera.  It hung around for at least a couple weeks that time, as has this bird.

It was somewhat of a trick to crop out the signs, sidewalks, and starlings.
I never did quite catch the wingflash.  I was somewhat surprised that it's actually white, I was thinking that it had an orangish tone.  The Catharus thrushes have more of a color tone to it (unless theirs is also an illusion).
It would frequently perch quite quietly up in the branches.  This was the only time it was relatively clear.
I've gone back a few times hoping to find the Bohemian(s) that have been around.  While I've usually found some Cedar Waxwings, I haven't found big brother.  With the trees close to out of berries and since I'll won't be out this weekend I may miss that one.

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